NP30E Violin 4/4 from $2703.00

The NP30E violin is made using the very best, loft-seasoned European tonewood. It is made by a master maker in our shop who selects the tonewood that will be used in its making. The result is a beautiful violin for advanced players that will serve them well for many years to come.

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For most players, the NP30N or NP30E will be the last violin they will buy. The choice of which master maker instrument to choose will come down to personal preference; as is always does. That is why we offer two versions of this fine violin. The 30N model is made from well-aged highly flamed Chinese tonewood and is finished with an authentic and highly varied antique style. The 30E model takes a very different approach. The toonwood used is nicely figured Grade A from Europe. It is finished with the same imported Italian oil varnish but in a light antique style. The two instruments look and sound very different from one another and so they appeal to different players.

For both the NP30N and NP30E our master makers apply a special double density hand graduation method to ensure great balance, power, and projection. Double density means that the instrument is graduated two times. The first is the standard graduation by thickness. The second graduation uses high power lights which the maker places under each plate so he can see color variations in the wood. Seeing these variations enable him to do very light scrapings to even out the density. This process ensures the graduation is more effective. The instrument will be more lively, speak better, be very even, and in perfect balance. The instrument will also project well, be quick to react, and have a warm even color throughout.


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