NP10N Violin 4/4 from $1507.00

The NP10N violin is the third model in our violin offering. Like all of our instruments, it is hand-crafted by a single maker. We use more highly flamed maple (back and sides) and tightly grained spruce (top) in the making of this model. It is finished with a beautiful hand-rubbed oil varnish in an authentic antique style.

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Compared to our NP5 and NP10 models, more time is spent doing the graduation of the plates and other handwork. The NP10N has a pure hand-rubbed Italian oil varnish finish. The use of a pure oil varnish improves tonal quality and will protect the instrument for many generations. Oil varnishes hold up much better, breathe better, and are the traditional varnishes that were used by the old Italian masters.


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