Our shop makes beatiful step up violins, violas, cellos, and basses for advancing players at every level. All of our instruments are Individually handcrafted by a single maker using traditional techniques.  


At the Nicolas Parola shop, we are focused on the experience of the people who play our instruments. It is essential that experience is a good one. We work hard to make it that way. We don’t cut corners or use any wood before its time. We carefully and skillfully hand-craft a variety of instruments so that there is something exciting  for everyone and every budget.

We feel the most important goal is to achieve a high level of quality at an affordable price. We satisfy that by using the best materials and taking our time through the use of traditional violin making methods.  For us it is not about the number of instruments we make; it’s about how well crafted every one of them is, and how well they help the player achieve their goals. 


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Our instruments

We make a complete line of violin family instruments. For more details please use the CLICK HERE buttons below to see each instrument in that family group.

Nicolas Parola Violins

Nicolas Parola violas

Nicolas Parola cellos

Nicolas Parola basses